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30 October 2021

Book Review: Christmas at Carly's Cupcakes by Jessica Redland

With the whole series being available on Kindle Unlimited, after reading Christmas Wishes at the Chocolate shop last week I knew I had to pick Christmas at Carly's Cupcakes by Jessica Redland up straight away.

Although the Christmas on Castle Street books are linked by a shared setting, they do not need to be read in order and happily work as standalones. Although why you wouldn't want the joy of all of them I don't know.

Christmas at Carly's Cupcakes by Jessica Redland book cover

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

It's December on Castle Street; the fairy lights are twinkling, snow has settled and the festive season is in full swing.

For Carly, the owner of Carly's Cupcakes, it's the busiest time of year getting everyone's Christmas treats ready on time. However with her clumsy sister, Bethany, as a co-worker, it's proving a difficult task. They say you shouldn't mix work with family. Maybe they have a point...

As Christmas approaches, Carly is also eagerly awaiting the return of her best friend to Whitsborough Bay. Liam has no idea he's been the object of her affection since their schooldays. After years of pining after him, can Carly pluck up the courage to finally tell him how she really feels by 25th December?

Could a little festive magic make all of Carly's wishes come true this Christmas...?

A heart-warming, short festive story of friendship and family from bestseller Jessica Redland. You can find out what happens to Carly next through exploring her best friend Tara's story in Starry Skies Over The Chocolate Pot Café.

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5 Word Review: Family, friendship, cake, love, Christmas.

Cake. I need cake.

This is a relatively short read, that nevertheless packs a punch. I read it in a single evening with a pot of tea and a mince pie. I wish I'd had some cake, but hindsight is 20/20 and I'll make sure to have some to hand when I reread it.

I loved the close look at sibling relationships and friendship. Carly is a great sister, and honestly Bethany had me eating out of her hand. Poor Bethany, she's had some terrible things happen in the past, she's lost all of her confidence, but she's actually brilliant. I loved seeing Carly realise that and work to help Bethany realise her own greatness.

This could possibly be the most heart-warming friends-to-lovers story I have read, and it was staggeringly slow in the best of ways. Right from the start as Carly explored her past with Liam I wanted to push them together. They have a shared history, and so many moments that could have been more if they hadn't have been disturbed.

I can't wait to read Starry Skies Over The Chocolate Pot Café, and find out Tara's story. From the snippets revealed about her in Christmas at Carly's Cupcakes it's going to be a good one.

The deed was already done. I was already truly, madly, deeply in love and, unfortunately, he didn't feel the same way.

Christmas on Castle Street

Festive and feel-good, this series is exactly what you need to read this Christmas.

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  1. This one sounds so lovely too!! I can't get enough of cute, cosy romcoms tbh. Have you read Cressida McLaughlin? I feel like her books are a similar vibe and I loved the one I read last Christmas so really need to pick up more xx


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