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08 November 2021

Book Review: A Festive Fling In Stockholm by Scarlet Wilson

I got a notification on my kindle that an author I'd read a lot of had released a new book, so naturally I bought A Festive Fling In Stockholm by Scarlet Wilson straight away. I have zero regrets.

This book is absolutely perfect for a cosy evening in. Grab some mulled wine and some chocolate, and prepare to have your heart filled to bursting. It was magical.

A Festive Fling In Stockholm (Mills & Boon Medical) (The Christmas Project, Book 4) by Scarlet Wilson book cover

She’ll have to break his rules…

…To win his heart!

Stepping into Stockholm City Hospital, visiting specialist Dr. Cora Campbell expects to ruffle a few feathers.

But she doesn’t expect the brooding head of midwifery, Jonas Nilsson, to get under her skin! 

Surrounded by the charm of the city’s ice-kissed festivities, their electric chemistry is proving impossible to resist. Cora relishes the challenge to break down Jonas’s defences… and to show him it's time to take a chance!

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5 Word Review: Christmas, love, life, belonging, change.

Content Warnings: Medical procedures, pregnancy.

I want to visit Stockholm so freaking badly, and now especially in the run up to Christmas.

Cora hates Christmas, it's a time of trauma and sadness for her. My heart broke for her, I just wanted to reach out and give her a hug. She is so driven, so intelligent and intuitive. And generous too, I loved how she made time for everyone. I will never not be jarred by reading a character named Cora - it's not a name commonly used and is part of my own name. I have to say, I did thoroughly enjoy this Cora.

Jonas is a very proud man, although he has his own issues. He is fiercely protective of his staff and his patients, resistant to change, and does everything by the rulebook. It was great to see him mellow a bit, become less brash and angry. He shows his love through small acts and gifts, and it was so cute. 

The romance in this book is so tentative and sweet, and I loved the care that grew between Cora and Jonas. The slow move from antagonising each other to working together was amazing. I loved seeing them be vulnerable with each other, to open up about their insecurities.

As much as this is a medical romance, it also very much a festive romance. It had me longing for fairylights and cold nights and hot drinks and cosy clothing.

This book though? I need more. I want to read about these characters forever.

I will definitely be reading the other three The Christmas Project books, I loved the glimpses of some of the other characters that the other books focus on, and I think that the project the hospital does is amazing.


  1. Ooooh this honestly sounds like such a fantastic book. Definitely going to look into this book!

  2. Great review! I can understand why you enjoyed this book. It is so much of your favourite writing style.

  3. This sounds like a brilliant book, I love your review xx

  4. This sounds great. I tend to gravitate towards drama shows set in medical settings, so I think I'd enjoy a book like that too! x

    1. Definitely! Medical romances like A Festive Fling In Stockholm are plugging the Greys Anatomy/Private Practice sized hole in my life right now.

  5. I haven’t heard of this book before but it does sound something I would enjoy!


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