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25 January 2022

Book Review: The Highlander’s Substitute Wife by Terri Brisbin *AD Gifted

I was provided with a free ebook of The Highlander’s Substitute Wife by Terri Brisbin ahead of the blog tour.

I read this in a single sitting on a Sunday, then made a massive pot of soup. I have zero regrets. It was perfect.

The Highlander’s Substitute Wife by Terri Brisbin Mills & Boon Historical romance book cover

She’s the best wife…

…he never wanted!

Ross MacMillan lifts his bride’s veil… and discovers it’s not the woman he’d agreed to marry but her beautiful younger sister, Ilysa MacDonnell!

The new MacMillan chieftain must accept Ilysa as his wife, for retaining his clan’s lands depends on her father’s support. But why is she there? Are her aims to help him or her father?

Drawing out Ilysa’s secrets will kindle an alliance more powerful — and passionate! — than Ross ever imagined…

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5 Word Review: Family, betrayal, secrets, care, love.

This book melted my heart.

Ilysa has every right to be as small as she is - her whole life she has been beaten down and abuses by her father and her sister, betrayed at every turn, and never treated with the slightest touch of kindness. And yet she has such a big heart, a love for life, a will to survive. She is like a bright spark, and my heart broke and soared for her in turn.

There were times when I wanted to grab Ross by the shoulders and give him a good shake. That he couldn't trust Ilysa so easily was understandable, but time again she proved herself and time and again he was wary. 

Ilysa's family are The Worst and I hope each and every one of them suffer even a fraction of what Ilysa did. Although I know Ilysa's kind heart would still only want the best for them.

I loved the themes of this story, how great care was taken with Ilysa's disability and her trauma. Ross is so caring towards her, and loves her so deeply, even as he tries to hang back (and makes a hash of it at times). I loved how the community gathered around Ilysa and supported her and how they saw her for what she was.

The writing was gorgeous and vivid. I could feel the warmth of the fire, the coolness of the furs, the chill of the air. Every sensation came alive on the page, and it made me So Hungry. Honestly, the second I finished this book I was in the kitchen chopping veg for soup.

Get yourself a bowl of soup or stew  and bread (because this book will make you crave it like no tomorrow) and tuck yourself in for one of the most heart-warming romances ever. 

The Highlander’s Substitute Wife by Terri Brisbin blog tour banner

Award-winning, USA Today best-selling author Terri Brisbin is a mom, a wife, grandmom! and a dental hygienist and has sold more than 3 million copies of her historical and paranormal romance novels and novellas in more than 25 countries and 20 languages around the world. Her current and upcoming historical and paranormal/fantasy romances will be published by Dragonblade, Harlequin Historicals, and Oliver Heber Books, too. 

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  1. Ilysa sounds like a great character, though I don't know how I'd feel if I got to the altar and found I was marrying someone I wasn't expecting


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