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16 February 2022

First Impressions: The Rebel Daughter by Miranda Malins - AD *Gifted

It has been over a year since I read The Puritan Princess by Miranda Malins, but it was a story that stuck with me. So I'm excited today to finally have The Rebel Daughter in my hands, and I'm sharing a sneak peak.

I have to admit, I have expectations when it comes to this book. After how much I loved the author's first book, I was excited to delve back into the past with their extraordinary historical stories, and the English Civil War era. I was not a massive reader of this era before 
I am always the first in my house to wake. Before Mother or Father, before my brothers and sisters. Before Grandmother, who cannot sleep more than three hours together and never after five in the morning. 
I even beat the cockerel in the barn.

Just look at this first line. Straight away we have a glimpse of Bridget's life, of her character. I can tell straight away that I am going to love reading her story. I have no doubt that just like Frances in The Puritan Princess, she is going to be a fierce force of nature as she grows into herself.

I am looking forward to the complicated dynamics and political intrigue, the drama of the time. I can't wait to get properly stuck in.

Again, this book has an utterly gorgeous cover. I love the small details and the vibrant colours.

I loved the depth of information you get at the beginning of the book. There is a full breakdown of the cast of characters, their allegiances, the Cromwell family tree in 1643. It really helps to keep the innumerable Thomas and Mary's in line in your head.

The Rebel Daughter by Miranda Malins

A country torn apart by war. A woman fighting for her future...

Ely, 1643. England is convulsed by Civil War, setting King against Parliament and neighbour against neighbour. As the turmoil reaches her family home in Ely, 19-year-old Bridget Cromwell finds herself at the heart of the conflict.

With her father's star on the rise as a cavalry commander for the rebellious Parliament, Bridget has her own ambitions for a life beyond marriage and motherhood. And as fractures appear in her own family with the wilful, beautiful younger sister Betty, Bridget faces a choice: to follow her heart, or to marry for power and influence, and fight for a revolution that will change history...

A gripping evocation of the Civil War, and the hidden stories of women at the heart of power...

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