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03 February 2022

Book Review: Love Lessons in Starcross Valley by Lucy Knott - AD *Gifted

I was provided with a free ebook of Love Lessons in Starcross Valley by Lucy Knott ahead of the blog tour.

Messy queers? Yes please.

Love Lessons in Starcross Valley by Lucy Knott book cover

With the recent breakdown of both her ten-year relationship and her parents' marriage, thirty-five-year-old Marnie Barnes no longer believes in love. To give her life the shake-up it so clearly needs, she books a ticket to Canada.

Thousands of miles away from her home and her twin sister, she struggles to have the life-changing experience she dreamt of – until she meets Nova, a dinosaur-loving space nerd with a penchant for living in the moment. After a wonderful day together in Vancouver, they part ways. Though gutted, Marnie thinks it's proof that she's not meant to find love and tries to move on with her life.

But a few months later, back in England, she bumps into someone achingly familiar. As Marnie navigates her new feelings, takes chances and makes the first move for the first time in her life, can she regain her faith in love – and find it for herself?

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5 Word Review: Love, family, 

Grab coffee and a doughnut, as this story will make you crave both.

I may have found Love Lessons in Starcross Valley difficult to get into for the first five or so chapters, but after that I was hooked. If I'm honest it was that it al kicked off at a hockey match and sport is a massive no for me personally. Luckily the story doesn't stay at the meet cute, and I'm so glad I stayed with this messy queer romance. I couldn't wait to pick this up after work each evening.

This is one heck of a slow burn. After the first introduction to the romantic interest, she doesn't pop up again for a long time.

This story is very much about the emotions of the characters, rather than what happens to them. Marnie's life falls apart around her, her world drops out from beneath her feet, and it's one emotional life.

I loved how the grief of a lost relationship was explored. Breaking up is hard, and especially after you have invested a lot into the relationship. I loved how the break from Marnie's family was explored too, how much you can miss your family, and it hit me right in the feels. I don't think I could ever live so far away from my family.

Watching Marnie build her own family out of her new friends was such a great thing to read as she rebuilt her life and found herself again.

I love this story, and I will absolutely be reading more by Lucy Knott.

Love Lessons in Starcross Valley by Lucy Knott

Lucy Knott lives in Manchester England, just around the corner from her childhood home and less than five minutes from her twin sister Kelly and brother in law Chris. She loves spending time with her family in addition to writing, reading and cooking Italian food. When not buried in a book, scribbling in a notebook or having dance parties for one to Harry Styles, she works as a teaching assistant where the majority of her days are spent talking about dinosaurs and making Godzilla out of just about everything, from Blu Tac to cardboard boxes, and she loves every minute.

If she could up and move to the stunning Amalfi Coast, San Francisco or live in a cabin surrounded by fairy lights, she would, but for now she's quite content writing about those magical places. Lucy loves to write uplifting stories that she hopes will put a smile on your face, fill your heart with joy, encourage you to embrace the awesomeness that you are and believe that any dream is possible.

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  1. I do love a messy queer romance. And that's a stunning cover. Might have to pick this one up


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