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19 May 2022

Audiobook Review: Do No Harm by Jack Jordan *AD Gifted

Simon & Schuster Audio UK sent me a free audio-copy of Do No Harm by Jack Jordan via NetGalley.

I was in the mood for a thriller on my commute when I picked up Do No Harm, and I got more than I was expecting. I even ended up so engrossed that I missed my stop on the Metro.

Do No Harm by Jack Jordan audiobook cover

My child has been taken. And I’ve been given a choice…
Kill a patient on the operating table. Or never see my son again.

The man lies on the table in front of me.
As a surgeon, it’s my job to save him.
As a mother, I know I must kill him.
You might think that I’m a monster.
But there really is only one choice.
I must get away with murder.
Or I will never see my son again.



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Source: NetGalley | Review Copy 

5 Word Review: Family, trust, power, love, secrets.

Not going to lie, when I first saw the cover I thought I'd read this book before. It's a very same-y cover, exceedingly similar to other books in the genre, it doesn't stand out. It was only when I read the blurb I realised that no, I hadn't read this book. And it's such a shame that I could have missed it because of the cover, because Do No Harm was a great read.

Anna is the first character we meet, and oh my goodness. My perception of her between the first page and the last page couldn't have been more different. I loved her assurance and the sense of power she exuded. She's whip smart, so clever it's scary.

Margo was messy, so messy. I'm still not sure how her life ended up as it did, how she ended up so desperate, but she tugged at my heart strings.

Rachel has the instinct for her job, I loved how she kept pushing and she knew that something wasn't right. Someone was dancing rings around her and she knew it but couldn't quite figure out how to stop it.

This story starts tense, and stays tense. It is incredibly fast paced and difficult to put down. If I had been reading this instead of listening I'm sure it would have been done in a single sitting. At ten hours I had to split it across my commutes, and I hated having to stop.

This is a thriller, of course there's a twist. But this one? I really didn't see it coming, and it changes completely how I perceived one of the characters.

In terms of performance, I thought the cast did an excellent job. There are three performers for this story,  Lucy Paterson, Sarah Feathers, Jane Collingwood. They all brought a little something different to the story, and brought their characters to life in unique ways - it was always easy to tell the difference between which character was telling the story.

I will absolutely read more by this author. I loved the surprising complexity of the story, and how it dug deeper into the emotions and motivations of the characters. I particularly liked the twist.

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