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23 June 2022

Book Review: The Forgotten House on the Moor by Jane Lovering *AD Gifted

I was provided with a free ebook of The Forgotten House on the Moor by Jane Lovering ahead of the blog tour.

We already know that Jane Lovering is an auto-buy author for me, so I jumped at the chance to join the tour for The Forgotten House on the Moor despite having the book pre-ordered. And yet again, it was an easy five star masterpiece.

The Forgotten House on the Moor by Jane Lovering book cover

Mystery, mayhem, a manor house and a generous serving of romance... 

When police knock on Alice Donaldson’s door at 4am, she knows the news won’t be good. There’s been an accident involving her ex-husband Grant, and as his existing next of kin, they need her help.

Grant is missing up on the North York moors, but the Grant Alice knew could barely be persuaded out on a walk around the block. What on earth possessed him to go on a hike in the middle of the night?

Alice soon finds herself working with Grant’s girlfriend Jenna and Jenna’s gorgeous ‘Lord of the family Manor’ brother Max, to find out what has happened, and what caused Grant’s accident at The Fortune House – the spooky house out on the moors.

The locals tell all manner of ghoulish stories about The Fortune House, which Alice is not minded to listen to. But before long, things take a turn for the strange and Max and Alice have a new mystery to solve. While all the while Alice can’t help hoping she might meet the requirements to be Max’s ‘Lady of the Manor’ at his country pile, Hatherleigh Hall.

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5 Word Review: Family, ghosts, history, secrets, mystery, love.

BRB planning a holiday on the North York Moors.

Like all of Jane Lovering's previous books, this is a love letter to the North. The setting is beautiful, and beautifully described.

Alice is such a lovely person, even when it comes to the husband who left her seemingly without a thought. Alice is a bit of a disaster though - when she first makes her way to Fortune House she err... Doesn't do so well. I could feel myself cringe when she said she hadn't brought food or water, and I got a headache alongside her. I loved how welcoming and nice she was to Jenna, and honestly I want both of them as my friends.

Grant is er... Grant. And I can't say much more without revealing spoilers.

I loved the hint of the supernatural, Max's investigations and musings. Max himself is very driven, and very different from Alice. Together they were so sweet at times, and went together so well. And then every so often there'd be a conflict, a challenge, that highlighted the differences between them. But they worked through them in the sweetest ways.

I liked how ghosts as a concept were explored - the types that go wooo, the memories of the past that rear up, the imprints of past relationships. I thought it was very cleverly written.

As always, I also bought the audiobook. Rose Robinson narrates the audiobook and yet again does a wonderful job bringing the characters to life.

The ending was perfect, and this book left my soul feeling full. Jane Lovering has done it again, another perfect book.

I think that the blurb sums this book up perfectly: Mystery, mayhem, a manor house and a generous serving of romance... This book was the perfect read for anytime.
The Forgotten House on the Moor by Jane Lovering blog tour banner full

Jane Lovering is the bestselling and award-winning romantic comedy writer who won the RNA Novel of the Year Award in 2012 with Please Don’t Stop the Music. She lives in Yorkshire and has a cat and a bonkers terrier, as well as five children who have now left home.

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