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21 June 2022

The Way Back Almanac - Half Way Check In

I thought now, the summer solstice, was the perfect time to check in with how I'm getting on with The Way Back Almanac 2022, and share my thoughts on The Way Back Almanac 2023 (because I will absolutely be buying next years too).

This morning I stood in the sea up to my knees and watched the sun rise. I took time to breath and take in my surroundings: the smells, sights, sounds, tastes, textures. My soul felt so full. And this book has been teaching me how to embrace nature even from the city centre, and find that connection again.

The Way Back Almanac 2022

I have to admit I have fallen behind on the book club - some I just couldn't get in to, some I just couldn't make time for. Life is hectic right now and as much as I would love to devote more time to the book club reads, I find that romance is calling my name more often than not. And who am I to turn down a happy ending? I did utterly adore The Outrun by Amy Liptrott though, it gave me a lot to think about and it's a book I will definitely read again.

Even if I am neglecting the official book club reads, I am making more space for books I usually wouldn't read. I have a book on identifying trees and a book about stone circles in Cumbria on the go, and I have a book on the pre-history of Britain and trig points in Northumberland lined up. My non-fiction reading is definitely expanding.

I have had a lot of fun getting out at night too. I have gazed at the full moon and the darkness of the new, I have watched an eclipse, and I have gasped at meteor showers. It's been fun, those night-time adventures.

I've had fun with the recipes, although I've had to modify a few to make them nut free. I must have found the biggest celeriac in existence, because I got six bowls of soup out of mine and still had half of it left.

Making space and time for myself has been really needed this year, and I really needed the guidance.

Now is the perfect time to start thinking ahead to next year. I will definitely be following along again, and I can't wait for more growth and self-care and small magics.

The Way Back Almanac 2023

A contemporary seasonal guide back to nature

by Melinda Salisbury

The Way Back Almanac, the first almanac designed for modern city-dwellers, returns in 2023!

Beautifully illustrated throughout, each month includes sections on stargazing, gardening tips, seasonal vegan recipes, home organization or crafting ideas, digital wellbeing practices, rituals, book club reads, folklore or ancient wisdom as told by modern people from different walks of life, and free space for your own writing, notes or recipes.

  • Harvest your own home-grown micro greens, windowsill radishes or rooftop carrots.
  • Celebrate seasonal citrus with PiƱa Colada Bars or relieve the heat of midsummer with Lithuanian beetroot gazpacho.
  • Sew your own foraging pouch for May-time foraging or make a bee bath for thirsty July bees.
  • Create a phone photo journal of your favourite patch of local green.
  • Make your own Wake-Up Shower Fizzers or May Day Dew Face Wash.
  • Watch the 120-meteor-per-hour Geminid Shower to see out the year in Way Back style.

This interactive and treasured item will gently encourage creativity, fulfillment and ultimately a way back to yourself.

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If you were to compare 2022 and 2023 editions, there isn't a massive amount that's different - and I like that. The structure is the same, but the content is what changes. There is a different line-up of books for the bookclub, and different interviews and writings.

The illustrations in 2023 are different and if I dare say are even more gorgeous than the first one.

This book would make the perfect gift for anyone in your life who misses natures, loves the small wonders of the world, and wants to experience personal growth.

If you want to experience proper growth next year, then pre-order The Way Back Almanac 2023, read it when you get it, and get planning. If there is one thing I've learned following this year's Almanac, it's that life gets in the way. I want to take part more thoroughly next year so I'll be putting the prep in.

I have included Amazon links about but I would recommend going straight to the author's store where you can pick up a signed copy.


  1. This is such a gorgeous post Cora. I loved reading about your beach trip. I wish I had the energy to get myself up there to watch the sunrise. I am excited for next year's almanac too

  2. I like the sound of this book. I will check it out.


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