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20 July 2022

Audiobook Review: Bootcamp for Broken Hearts by Joanna Bolouri *AD Gifted

Bookouture Audio sent me a free audio-copy of Bootcamp for Broken Hearts by Joanna Bolouri via NetGalley.

I saw the cover and I knew I needed this book, so I requested it straight away. And boy was I impressed by what I listened to.

Bootcamp for Broken Hearts by Joanna Bolouri book cover audiobook

A stunning Scottish castle, a tall dark stranger, and a vow to stay single happily ever after… what could go wrong?

Nora Brown is totally happy single. The men in her life have all been selfish, cheating liars and being alone is far easier than risking a broken heart again – for her and for her daughter. She’s only going to Romance Reboot – a posh ‘singles’ bootcamp’ at a castle in the Scottish Highlands – to keep her sister quiet.

But surrounded by tumbling waterfalls and sweet birdsong, Nora can’t deny she’s starting to relax. Even better, she finds another guest with no intention of finding love. Will Thomson has dark tousled hair, a sly grin, and a shocking sense of humour. Everybody else hears their laughter and thinks they’re falling for one another, but Nora knows she’s safe – he’s just here on a research trip.

Determined to ignore the spark between them, Nora agrees to be Will’s cover, fending off other suitors with private sniggers over wine and quite convincing public displays of affection. Just when she starts to question if she might be missing something important, she starts to suspect Will might be hiding something from her.

Will is just another cheater-in-the-making like all the others, isn’t he? Nora will go home to her daughter happy and single, just like she always intended. Even if she could find out the truth about him, she isn’t interested… is she?

An absolutely hilarious, totally unputdownable romantic comedy from a bestselling author. Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Sorry Not Sorry and Marian Keyes.

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Source: NetGalley | Review Copy 

5 Word Review: Family, love, self-empowerment, belonging, happiness.

I needed a romcom, and it turns out Bootcamp for Broken Hearts by Joanna Bolouri was just the ticket.

Helen McAlpine did a truly marvellous job narrating the audiobook. I would definitely listen to more of their performances, and I love the life they brought to the characters and the emotions displayed as the story played out.

I want Nora to be my mum and my best friend, because she's exceptional at both. She is a wonderful mother to a daughter that loves her deeply. She is a smart business woman who values her customers no matter their age or wealth. She's a brilliant friend to anyone who may need her. Nora is a gem.

I loved Nora's cynicism when she first got to the camp, and once she met Will and they started the banter? I couldn't put this down. They get on so well, like their souls were made to meet.

I want to go to the bootcamp myself, it sounds amazing. The luxury of the place alone would have me sold, but the self discovery attainable there is something special. I loved how every character was challenged and got something from it, no matter how cynical.

I loved the twist at the end that brought them together, I thought it was so clever and I only just worked it out myself before it was revealed.

Bootcamp for Broken Hearts is the perfect audiobook to escape in to. I don't think I've ever got so much housework done in one go before, because I kept finding more things to do so I could keep listening. It was was bloody brilliant and I will definitely read more by Joanna Bolouri.

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