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About Me

I'm a twenty-something year old tea-addicted bookworm. I read and listen to an average of four books each week, but that varies depending on what my workload is and whether I'm reading a super long book.

I have a love of history and all things local, and think I live in the most beautiful place in the world. I'd rather the crags and freezing North Sea and coal-streaked beaches to anywhere else on earth. I was born in Scotland and live in the North of England, staying my whole life within Reiver territory.

I review books to share my love of them. At times I get very frustrated with a book I'm reading, but I've been told my rants are very entertaining. It is extremely rare that I don't finish a book and I review every book I read. If I love a book you'd be hard pressed to shut me up from going on and on about it.

The first review copy I ever received was Black Rabbit Summer by Kevin Brooks and the librarian at school gave it to me. She really encouraged me and gave me an insatiable appetite for reading. I think I annoy people with my constant book talk, I just can't shut up about that book I just read or that book I read ages ago that won't get out of my head.

This blog will be packed with Young Adult, New Adult and Women's fiction, as well as features and giveaways, so expect several posts each week.

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